Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WonderCon In Los Angeles

It was also part R2D2 Convention
I had ventured out to WonderCon a few times before - on that long winding road trip up north with my friend Melissa.  We would roam the Moscone Center and learn about new artists, characters, comics, and upcoming films and television shows.  Last year I was even able to meet up with my childhood best friend who had moved to the Bay Area - look at how nerd events can bring people together!

I hadn't planned on going this year, but then my new friend Elizabeth told me that WonderCon had temporarily moved down to the Anaheim Convention Center this year.  At that point, my weekend plans had fallen through, so it was almost fate that I should attend again...bunny ear hat and all!

When making a costume: consider ability to walk.
Elizabeth and I later decided that WonderCon had been in some vortex.  Maybe it was because of the location move, but
  1. It was raining in Los Angeles.  I usually like the rain, but this wasn't "singing in the rain with my red galoshes" kind of rain - it was pouring! 
  2. We were the first car to get turned away from the main parking area.  The next lot wasn't far, but it seemed to be after a journey through the downpour.  Note: Wearing a bunny ear hat will give people the notion you know where the comic books and science fiction convention is - they will follow you or ask you directions.  This is a huge responsibility, especially if you can't even see while you're walking through a storm.  Luckily, Elizabeth knew where she was going.
  3. When we arrived, we expected to see nerdy costumes, but were greeted by cheerleaders and volleyball players.  It turns out the convention was running concurrently with some school competitions.
But then we emerged into our nerd-land oasis, so all was good.  For those who don't have much of a game plan for a convention of this nature (and even for those who do), sometimes the best thing to do is to wander the exhibition hall.  For one, there are always costumes to look at - just be careful to be ready for some sudden stops if you find yourself next to someone with a cool outfit.  There will be picture taking and you will be collateral damage if you're not careful.  Secondly, either bring your wallet or leave your wallet at home.  There is no sitting on the fence with things to the endless amounts of potential buying in the exhibition hall.  Make your budget decision before you walk in and maintain your resolve (don't say I didn't warn you).

Also, be ready for new discoveries.  One of the best things we found was the Imaginarium Galleries booth featuring drabbit puppets (they're kind of like dragons).  These aren't your average hand puppets - you can control their movements with a long extended cable (the more elaborate feature a dual cable system).  Let's just say I now own a drabbit with pink fur named Tolstoy :)

On weary feet, we left the convention with memories, drabbits, t-shirts, a sweatshirt, and even an adipose.  I think those are clear indicators that we had a great time.  It was nice having WonderCon in Los Angeles and it was the perfect prep for Comic-Con and Anime Expo in the summer.

-Charity Tran

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