Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Chinatown Thanksgiving

6322937695_c185d489b3_zTiina and I were invited to Plum Tree Inn (913 N. Broadway, Los Angeles 90012) in Chinatown to try some delectable foods for an alternative idea to Thanksgiving.  I know when we generally think of the festivities it usually involves Turkey and Mashed Potatoes and Cranberry Sauce and Stuffing - all wonderful food items for the holiday - but sometimes you want a change of pace. 

How about --

  • Beijing Duck,
  • Minced Chicken in Lettuce Cups,
  • Shrimp, Fish, and Scallops in an amazing dish called Kon Pao Three Delicacies,
  • Crispy Beef,
  • And let's just throw in some vegetables with Asparagus and Chinese Mushrooms!

Very different from your traditional Thanksgiving feast, right?  Maybe if you don't want to do a complete 180 this holiday, the next best thing to whipping up your own dish is stopping by to fulfill the perfect holiday potluck side dish!  Any of these items can add to the Thanksgiving Day feast!  At least we think so (and so do our tummies)! 

We capture some photos from the evening because part of the yumminess of food is often how amazing it looks.

Enjoy!  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

-Charity Tran

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