Friday, July 15, 2011

Experience LA in New Ways for Carmageddon #xlagoodcarma

Pink Sunset on Wilshire Blvd by intellichick | ExperienceLA Flickr Pool
There's something I've always known about Los Angeles, a lesson about LA that I find my way back to, but is always nice to learn. 

I was faced with the values of this lesson head on this past month of June while participating in GOOD's 30 Days of GOOD challenge - Being a Vegetarian.  While the adventure itself had its up's and down's (charted in my own blog), it also lent me a new view of Los Angeles.  I knew from the get-go that this town offers perhaps more vegetarian options than many other places across the nation, but there's one thing to have a peripheral awareness and another to be a participant.  So it was interesting to start seeing my LA food world this way, more focused on a specific type of options and it ended up being a really enjoyable experience in the long-run.

This all makes me think that in the craziness of "Carmageddon" is really something not-so-crazy: a chance to really look at LA a little differently, to navigate its streets in a way you haven't done in awhile or haven't done before. 

So, take a bus or walk to the store.  Maybe it's the perfect weekend to try out that restaurant a few blocks away, the one you always want to try when you drive by.  Go out to a festival or enjoy music.  Heck, maybe head out to all these things on a bike (possibly racing a jet).  Whatever you're doing, take in the sounds of the journey and sights of buildings and people along the way

While you're at it, build up your #XLAGoodCarma.  We believe that while the 405 is shut down, it's not quite the end of the world and we think YOU can be the bearer of that great message.

Good luck this weekend and, most of all, have fun!

-Charity Tran

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