Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Tale As Old As Time: "Beauty and the Beast" at the Pantages

I have to admit - Belle is my favorite Disney princess.  Don't get me wrong.  I have major props for the spirited Jasmine and the adventure-seeking  Ariel, but Belle?  She read books.  I read books - I read a lot of books.  If I was going to go for the Disney princess I identified the most with (and I think that's why they're important, powerful pop cultural icons), Belle would be it.

The story of Beauty and the Beast also teaches you some important lessons kids should know (and adults should remember):
  1. Be nice.  You never know if you're going to turn away a witch who is going to cast a magical spell on you.
  2. There can be more to people than what's on the outside. 
  3. If you want throw a party, you hope that Lumiere is hosting. (If you're going to be true to the Disney version of the story anyway).

There's something about seeing stories translated into different mediums.  In the case of Disney's Beauty and the Beast at the Pantages, you get the distinction of Disney's translation of the fairy tale into an animated feature and then that animated feature onto the stage - all of which brings about all kinds of fun.  This experience is especially great because not only does it involve all out Disney magic, but it's magic that happens right before your eyes!

My favorite transitions from film to stage include:
  • Be Our Guest:  Talk about a party!  Lights, streamers, song, and dance!  Lumiere is the perfect host.
  • Chip the Teacup is adorable.  Transition Chip the Teacup to stage?  Even more adorable.
  • The beast changing forms is remarkable to witness live on stage and it really feels like magic, especially after you've been through the journey of the transformation of his heart.
And of course, hearing the great songs from Beauty and the Beast come alive on the stage is enjoyable and memorable.  I loved Be Our Guest but there was something about hearing A Tale As Old As Time performed that held a certain level of beauty as the story unfolded.  To add to richness of the experience, the cast is great and the all the funny moments are on cue for both young and old(er) alike. 

Disney's Beauty and the Beast runs until March 26th 2011 at the Pantages Theatre.

-Charity Tran

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