Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stand to Your Right: A Moment for Metro Escalator Etiquette

As a carless Angeleno and frequent rider of the Metro Subway system, you can find me scurrying up and down the stairs and escalators of the transit system on a daily basis.  And there's something that I've been noticing about the use of escalators that has me a little...irked.  But nothing a blog post can't handle expressing!

: Person A does not want to walk up the escalator.  But Person B (and possible many other persons behind him/her) wants to walk up the escalator.  So how do we resolve this dilemma?  Person A (Non-Escalator Walker) stands to the right.    Person B (Escalator Walker) goes along his/her merry way on the left side.  (See Photo)

Do we have this?  Thanks!

-Charity Tran

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Around The World With Ease said...

There needs to be signs in English, Spanish and Korean, at the very least, because this is a cultural thing and no way is it going to get communicated just by observation. MTA I guess needs to be contacted about this.