Friday, December 17, 2010

Where Do You Go?: Soup for the Los Angeles Soul

I know most of the time Los Angeles weather claims us this identity of perpetual sunshine and warmth. And as a native Angeleno, I don't necessarily deny that this isn't true most of the time. But as I look out to the mist of Los Angeles morning winter drizzle while sitting in an office that could do with a thermostat adjustment, I can't help but think about having a nice bowl of soup.  My list of favorite soup and soup-based food is as eclectic as the Los Angeles cultural landscape:

  • Matzo Ball Soup or Mishmash at Canter's
  • Ramen from Little Tokyo places like Daikokuya
  • Pho preferably homemade, but generally purchased in Vietnamese restaurants dotted around the San Gabriel Valley
  • Pozole and Menudo, preferably homemade at friends' houses in my hometown, but I am a big fan of the Pozole from the Nickel Diner
  • Soon Tofu Soup from Koreatown, with a side of crackling, freshly cooked beef bulgogi 
Is it lunchtime yet?

What are your favorite Los Angeles places to go for the warmth of soup comfort food?

-Charity Tran

Photo "Matzo Ball Soup Beneath the Canter's Roof" by intellichick, from the ExperienceLA Flickr Pool


Rachel P said...

I'm a fan of the barley bean soup at Canter's. I also LOVE the lentil soup (and not much else, sadly) at the Panini Cafe. While you're at the latter, I do admit to having an affinity for the salmon kebabs, but nothing on the menu tops the soup, which may be my single favorite bowl of soup in L.A.

Shelly said...

Orochon for spicy, make your nose run ramen in downtown L.A., Pho 999 in the San Fernando Valley for pho and Juniors in West L.A. For sweet & sour cabbage soup.

Anonymous said...

Tom YUM Goong - Hot and sour soup with mushrooms at Thai Original BBQ.

Anonymous said...

I actually find Whole Foods to have excellent soup. Sometimes the choices suck, but I have to say, I love the potato leek soup, tortilla, and broccolli cheddar. Particularly from the WF on 3rd and Fairfax.

Doughboys also does good soup, especially the garlic one with the tortellinis in it!!