Monday, May 24, 2010

Metro-Friendly Eats: Caveman Kitchen

My friends Jeremiah and Esteban introduced me to a rotisserie chicken and burgers placed called Caveman Kitchen.  Looking for fresh eats where the meat is never frozen?  This is the place to be.

I had the Cave Club Sandwich (pictured) which includes pulled rotisserie chicken and bacon.  You can also upgrade the fries to chili cheese fries (which are kind of to-die-for).

In addition to chicken options, there are juicy, fresh burgers of the 1/4 pound and 1/2 pound variety that have a number of options including avocado, bacon, mushrooms, and chili cheese.

Among the restaurant's listed favorites are Lomo Saltado (a Peruvian dish with Rib Eye), La Cueva (Carne Asada, Eggs, and other fixings), tacos, and taquitos.

Craving wings?  They have those too.

Go Metro: Caveman Kitchen is located on 2215 S. Vermont Ave. (See Address in ExperienceLA Metro Trip Planner) near USC, convenient to the Metro Local Line 204 (Vermont/24th St Stop) and the Metro Rapid 754 (Vermont/Adams Stop).  

-Charity Tran

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