Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Help the Gulf Oil Spill: Get a Haircut

Think you're too far to help the Gulf Oil Spill?  Think again.  Go out and get your haircut at a participating salon.  I did!

More information on how to help (by getting a haircut and more!) after the jump.

[Pictured: Refuge in Silver Lake]

In addition to discovering a cool cake shop, I ventured out to Silver Lake to get my hair cut at one of the Los Angeles-area salons participating in Matter of Trust's Gulf Coast Oil Spill program. 

The program calls for "ALL salons, groomers, wool and alpaca fleece farmers and individuals [to] sign up to donate hair, fur, waste wool... clippings, nylons and funding..."  I decided to give myself some relaxation time by heading out to Refuge in Silver Lake and getting some hair consultation and my hair cut and styled.  Sometimes you need a little downtime, you know?  In addition to being home to a hair salon, it is also serves as an art space, venue, and is home to other events and businesses. 

I specifically went to Refuge as it was listed as a participating salon on the Matter of Trust database as donating to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Program.  Salons can donate clean, cut hair to specified warehouses which will then be placed into nylon/mesh to soak up the oil in the water. 

Post Hair Session with Sasha from RefugeSasha at Refuge is a great stylist and conversationalist as we went on to talk about world issues, literature, and movies - while giving me the great haircut pictured to the right.

So whether you're seeking a new look, want your favorite salon to participate, or just getting a trim - you can support the cause.  Matter of Trust's program is also asking for nylons and funding.  To find participating salons, give information to your favorite salon, or other ways to participate, visit Matter of Trust and sign up to receive information from their Excess Access Database.

-Charity Tran

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Natalie said...

Interesting! Who knew getting a haircut could save the world? Thanks for the info.