Friday, May 07, 2010

Break on 2: Spring 2010 Show [Videos]

Last week I enjoyed a free dance show at USC featuring Break on 2, USC's showcase Ballroom and Latin Dance Troupe. In addition to the original choreography and creative dance movements of the group, the show also featured various high school and elementary school groups throughout the evening.  One of the best parts about this show is the use of music that you might never associate with the type of dance.  The following post showcases videos from Break on 2's performances featuring the tango, cha cha, waltz, mambo, and a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Here's the playlist:
  1. Cha Cha - Sick Boy/Fireflies
  2. Waltz - He Lays in the Reins
  3. Mambo
  4. Tango - Mi Confession
  5. Michael Jackson Tribute

-Charity Tran

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