Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Re-Cap: Taste of Dance + Fitness

The Taste of Dance + Fitness (March 27th) was an event for all - whether you were a dance expert or newbie, young or old(er), or there to learn dance moves or burn some calories.  With 20-minute dance classes at $1 each throughout the day, there was something new for everyone to try.  While I'm very much the dance aficionado of the watching variety, I haven't had too much time with dancing shoes on.  But that didn't matter at the Taste of Dance!

I had signed myself up for two classes of things I've always wanted to learn - hula (I'm a ukulele player, I should at least attempt the hula) and bellydance (the skirts with their shimmering coins fascinate me).  Other options included hip-hop, jazzercise, ballroom, and salsa.  While I can't say I instantaneously picked up hula and bellydance, twenty minutes of each was a nice intro and workout to the movements of each dance.  Each instructor was helpful and just asked that all the participants try the movements however simple, difficult, or - in some cases - silly. I'm very tempted to try out some classes now.  I think it's a sign that I should continue to be inspired by dance - The Music Center also had a tweeting contest going on during the event and I won tickets to the Hubbard Street Dance Chicago for this Friday!

The festival closed with a free Bollywood lesson - Bhangra!  Below is a video of just the warm-up routine that led up to the one-minute routine we learned.  

Now I'm ready to break out into Bollywood dance like the movies...maybe.

You can get more chances to dance on the Music Plaza this summer at their Taste of Dance series.  Check out more information to come on ExperienceLA.com.

-Charity Tran


Gabriela said...

where was this? are there more of these dances events

experiencela said...

Yes, this is a part of a series of summer events at the Music Center in downtown. We'll have more events like these posted at our site. You can search for "Taste of Dance" or "Active Arts" (the series includes interactive dance and music activities). If you're interested in dance, some of the classes in the past included disco, salsa, ballroom - all for free!