Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday...Zombie?

Zombie Walk: The Zombie MassesMy friend Cela sent me a Facebook invitation to her husband's birthday party. It wasn't dinner and birthday cake. More like "Brains?"

The invitation was to join them on a Zombie Walk in Hollywood. While I've always appreciated zombies, I've never had a mind to be like one. But there's a first time for everything, right?

I learned the fine art of becoming a zombie with help from the wise-old internet and my friends. The key items: palor, bruises, and blood. I was a zombie jogger, trampled on with shoe foot prints.

This was a "Go Metro" friendly event. Everyone was to meet up at North Hollywood Metro station and take the subway down to Hollywood/Highland. As I was closer to Hollywood/Highland I milled around with some zombies waiting there while a friend applied blood on my face.

Around 5:00 the zombies started arriving...luckily it appeared to be an isolated incident and no brains were eaten (as far as authorities could tell...)


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-Charity Tran

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Natalie DeJohn said...

Awesome! I did the zombie walk a few weeks ago as a promotional tool for Zombieland. Can't beat a free movie! The whole thing was really fun.