Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gregorio Luke's Life-Size Murals of Diego Rivera

On a cool Southern California summer evening, perhaps one of the best things you can do for yourself is to go outside and experience LA art and culture. One of the best (and most beautiful) places to do this in LA is the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood. But this isn't just your typified Hollywood of Walk of Fame sidewalks and the bright lights of Hollywood Blvd. Think of a smaller Hollywood Bowl, tucked into the natural landscape of LA. Think about a place where you can see dancers, hear singers, dance to the songs of others, enjoy a movie with friends and a glass of wine - and even experience visual art from around the world.

And if there's anyone you want to be the guide to your journey of art, that man is Gregorio Luke. He is not your boring art history professor.

This past Sunday (you may have gotten tidbits following the twitter), I (and many others) journeyed around the world with Luke at the helm - journeyed around the world through the life, times, and art of Diego

There were bonus items for the night - Diego Rivera's daughter Dr. Guadalupe Rivera and his grandson were guests and a Chiliean band opened - but the heart of the event was in the beautiful work of Rivera on display (courtesy of a big screen) and Luke's impressive delivery.

Through interesting side stories, quotes, and a humorous demeanor reflecting his passion for the art, Luke brought Diego Rivera's artwork to life on the Ford stage. He began with the story of Diego Rivera's life, shown through art by Rivera, of Rivera, and photographs relevant to his life. Luke continued on about Rivera's work - provides tantalizing bits of information, pointing out key aspects of Rivera's work. The only flaw I found was that it all seemed to leave the audience wanting to know more, to linger longer at the art Luke brought to the Ford through the magic of digital media.

Luckily, Gregorio Luke will be at the Ford for two more events this summer with the art of Rufino Tamayo (July 12th) and Miguel Covarrubias (August 16th).

-Charity Tran

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Anonymous said...

He will also be at MOLAA presenting the Mural Under the Stars Series.
Sat.,July 18: David Alfaro Siqueiros.
Sat.,July 25: Frida Kahlo
Sat.,Aug. 1: Jose Clemente Orozco

more info at or 562.4367.1689.