Thursday, December 11, 2008

Union Station Family Tour

LA Union StationThe Los Angeles Conservancy always has a way of making places come to life. Not that these places aren't alive already - that people don't walk by with recognition or trek through with knowledge that it's there and it's a part of the Los Angeles landscape (though I'm sure many historical things left standing have some thing to do with the Conservancy...conserving). But it's almost a different kind of life, a certain ounce of clarity...the understanding you get from not seeing something, but experiencing it.

I attended the LA Conservancy's "White Christmas" at the Los Angeles Theatre the other week and remembered just that feeling. The last time I was at the Los Angeles Theatre was at Last Remaining Seats in June, but the great feeling of being in that space and to watch it be a real movie theatre is always great. It's not just some beautiful building, it's a building that once had an every day life and in that instance that I'm there, it's still alive. Not to mention, I could probably spend hours looking at that amazing ballroom and the bathroom!

The next Los Angeles Conservancy event is their "Union Station Family Tour" on December 27th, which I'm hoping many kids get to go to because Union Station is an everyday place, but it's a place filled with LA history, architecture, and people. It sounds like the perfect way to see Union Station in a whole new way. And if that isn't a good enough draw, maybe tell the kids it's been in the movies...

-Charity Tran, ExperienceLA Web Coordinator

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