Sunday, September 28, 2008

Federico Aubele and Pacha Massive at the Ford

Pacha Massive at the FordWhile the calendars say it's officially Fall, the Summer Season at the Ford Amphitheater isn't over yet. And I found myself quite grateful for this "extended summer" when I made my way over to the Ford Amphitheater to see KCRW Presents: Federico Aubele and Pacha Massive on Friday night.

I'm always learning that there's a universal quality to music, and it's a lesson I always appreciate when it comes around - mostly because it comes with it a great musical experience. Friday night at the Ford reminded me how much I love not only Latin music (despite not always knowing what the artists are singing about), but how music can be a mixture of so many different cultural sounds and genres.

The night opened with Argentinean singer Natalia Clavier, who recently released her solo album and is touring with Federico Aubele. Clavier's music has an alternative, Latin trip-hop quality and was great opening for the night. The smooth nature of her voice and the ease of listening to her songs made a great transition to Federico Aubele, particularly since Natalia Clavier was a featured singer in his set.

Federico Aubele
joined Clavier and the band on stage, adding his guitar to the drums, keyboards, and bass. Aubele's latest album is entitled Panamericana, and listening to his set and the mixture of sounds in his work, it's a very apropos title that reflects his ability to mix so many different musical sounds. But perhaps the most stand-out aspect of Aubele's set was his amazing guitar skills, particularly when the band left for a moment so that he could entertain the audience with a small set with him and his guitar.

If the sounds of Federico Aubele has the ease of your relaxing Sunday morning cup of coffee, Pacha Massive has the ease of your Friday night neighborhood block party. Their mixture of funky Latin sounds brought the audience to their feet, dancing along the aisle and by the stage. It was hard not to leave without having one of Pacha Massive songs in your head, not with their catchy hook "No oh oh oh...don't let go and stay with me" from their song "Don't Let Go" to close their show or the title line of their single in rotation "All Good Things".

In the still warm summer-style nights of LA, I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my Friday evening than a night concert with Federico Aubele and Pacha Massive at the helm.

The Ford Amphitheater season isn't over yet. Check out the last few events to extend your summer on

-Charity Tran, ExperienceLA Web Coordinator

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