Monday, June 23, 2008

LA Film Fest: Swear-A-Long Scarface

It was a warm summer night in Los Angeles with stars glinting overhead as the Ford Amphitheatre became a beautiful setting for Outdoor Screenings (part of the many events of the LA Film Festival). This open space was an oddly perfect place for a screening of Swear-A-Long Scarface... The film - uncensored, uncut - was seen by fans and newbies alike. Not for the faint of ears, it is known as having a record of 226 mentions unmentionable word on this blog.

Scarface - the 1983 version, anyway - follows the rise and fall of Tony Montana (Al Pacino), a Cuban immigrant with a criminal background, who has a distinctive scar on the left side of his face. The classic imperfect character, the movie plays out almost like a Greek tragedy dealing with criminal gangs and narcotics. Montana isn't all bad; he isn't all great. Part of him could be you, even though you might not want to be him.

The event was more than the chance to show - ahem - your open-mindness regarding the freedom of word choice. It was a chance for fans to recite famous lines, and reminsce with famous scenes...all while enjoying a space open to dinner beneath the stars - perhaps a peanut butter sandwich packed before heading out or a glass of white wine after a day at work.

The screening was graced by the presence of co-star Steven Bauer (who portrays Montana's sidekick Manny Ribera) and featured sponsorship by Metro Mix and 103.1 Indie.

Wednesday night features the fourth Ford Amphitheatre Screening - the documentary American Teen (June 25, 8 pm).

-Charity Tran, Web Coordinator

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steve said...

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