Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes

I'm writing this post about Disney on Ice's "Princess Wishes" while appropriately watching holiday ice skating on television. My last (and first!) venture into ice shows was at High School Musical: The Ice Tour.

While HSM appears to be a recent new favorite for kids (and probably some adults who get "Getcha Head in the Game" in their heads), reminding everyone at the modern Disney magic that keeps people smiling and singing, this latest venture of "Princess Wishes" is a romp - or skate? - down memory lane for everyone...

Last week I was at the Staples Center to watch Disney on Ice's "Princess Wishes". Mickey and Minnie Mouse as narrators and Tinker Bell as magical tour guide, the audience of "Princess Wishes" is taken through the world of wishes and princesses. Don't let the title fool the Disney fans into thinking this is a strictly girl-only princess trip, the boys (and girls and parents) will enjoy the show on ice as Aladdin darts from harm's way, Sleeping Beauty's Prince Phillip fights off the dragon, and Ursula gets her karma's due. Not to mention - there's fireworks...yes - fireworks.

Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes is fun for the whole family, highlighting snippets of Disney favorites. You'll leave wanting to watch a Disney favorite when you get home...and hopefully believing that wishes can come true.

Disney on Ice's "Princess Wishes" is being presented at the Anaheim Honda Center, Long Beach Arena, and the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Check for locations and times. The show runs in the Southern California area until January 13th.

-Charity Tran, ExperienceLA Web Coordinator

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