Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rooney and Ozma at the Roxy on Sunset

Rooney - Robert SchwartzmanOne of LA's most famous venues, the Roxy on Sunset, is featuring Rooney on Monday nights in April! The show is hosted by hilarious Andy Dick (not for tender ears!) and features different opening acts each night. Last night's show proved to be one of the best evenings I've ever had - in addition to hanging out with some of my awesome friends, I saw two of my favorite bands: Rooney and Ozma.

The evening started out with delicious cheeseburgers at nearby Rainbow Bar and Grill where my friends Frank, Jay, Esteban, Elaine, Matt, and I met up with our friend Sarah and her friend Andrew (we had a big group!)

After dinner we had a short walk to the Roxy where we were surprised to see Mischa Barton (of OC fame) with her friends (which I suppose isn't too surprising given that Rooney played on the OC and the Roxy is a famous venue). She politely asked us to not take any pictures of her and her crowd while they were inside.

Andy DickThen we were thoroughly entertained by Ozma, Ben Lee, and Rooney with Andy Dick providing transitions in song. I can't describe these transitions because this is a public friendly blog. Needless to say they were pretty amusing. Ozma was great and I even heard my favorite song - their cover of Tetris music. Rooney provided a mix of new songs for their upcoming album release, some old favorites, and then surprisingly two cover songs - the Beach Boys' California Girls (muchly appreciated by this California girl) and one by the Beatles.

OzmaPrior to last night, I had previously seen Ozma at the Knitting Factory when they had gotten back together, but I had never had the opportunity to see Rooney perform live (and I've loved the band since they first formed) so it was a particularly awesome experience. My friends would be quick to note my bias, however, since they know that I'm apt to call talented and good-looking lead singer Robert Schwartzman my "future husband" (jokingly, of course...).

-Charity Tran, ExperienceLA Web Coordinator

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