Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gift Store Hopping in Downtown LA

I made up my own walking tour of sorts of Downtown LA gift shops after attending the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) event the other week in search of a present.

I first roamed through JANM's award-winning gift shop (featured as part of the Best of LA in 2006 and previous years, also available online) conveniently accessible to the public by being right near the museum's entrance. In addition to the items of current and past museum exhibitions, the store features an eclectic mix of fine jewelry, great logo shirts, fun cultural items like chopstick kits and sushi playsets, and a large selection of books and music. There's something for just about anyone and any age. And, a personal favorite aspect of mine, it is also a great place to get Angry Little Girls tote bags and books!

After JANM, I headed west to walk back to the Civic Center subway station to head home, but then remembered that I was only a few blocks from the LA Philharmonic's great gift shop at the Walt Disney Concert Hall (which also has an online home). In addition to the store's fine collection of music, the store features artistic crafts, gifts, jewelry, books, and stationary. I had particular fun in the kid's section that features fun instruments to teach kids about music and help them become more engaged. I even got myself an African thumb piano.

I headed south from the LA Philharmonic's gift shop and found myself by the Los Angeles Central Library which also has a lovely gift shop of eclectic items including jewelry, books, artwork, and children's toys.

My impromptu walking tour felt like I was finding gems all over Downtown LA's landscape!

-Charity Tran, ExperienceLA Web Coordinator


Curt Gibbs said...

The FIDM Gallery also has a great gift store with many unique items designed by present and past FIDM students.

Karen said...

And MOCA also has a cool gift store.